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Teaching Geeks

About Us

We are a group of passionate educators providing
the future of education today.

Online education, brings safety, security, flexibity and convenience all in one.  We provide activities for home schooling, daycare providers, special needs and more all with a spirit, professionalism and attitude that will have kids wanting more.  

We provide professional development events for school staff with the convenience of learning from anywhere by anyone at a cost a school can afford.

We hire educators and speakers from around the world.

We provide group events for daycares at flat rates allowing you to decide how to manage enrollment your way.  Coding, art, physical fitness.  All with no cleanup required!

Our instructors are all experienced educators government certified with a passion for the activity or subject they are teaching.  

Finally we provide an income for teachers who are looking for a convenient, no-hassle way to handle clients.  From marketing, to booking, while you take care of the teaching, we take care of everything else.

Allow our Award-Winning team to come to you.
Opening September 2020